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Sam Newell

Video and New Media Artist

4.24.2014 - Added a GIF section.
4.23.2014 - Update with 21 Boxes, a color and form study. Also, I started a tumblr - here.
12.06.2013 - Come see Tide Pool at ARTs LAB, Albuquerque, New Mexico.
10.23.2013 - Inverted Audio interview with John Howes about my video for his song Crease Fusion. Read Here
8.10.2013 - Check me out on GHOSTING TV and the show in L.A. on 8.24, I will be debuting a huge new video!
7.10.2013 - New video Beta also interview with Tachyons+ on the Mishka blog!
6.14.2013 - Liquid Diamond will be showing as a part of the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival as a part of the "Short Visits to Different Worlds" portion. Curated by Sabrina Ratte.
5.1.2013 - Updated video section with: Trying To Build This Man
Link to event page with schedule.
4.26.2013 - 8 new pieces showing at Tate Modern The Tanks, London, UK as a part of the #Hyperlink festival.
Event in Slave Magazine with photos of my work.
Event in Wired UK Magazine.
Link to Facebook event page.